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产品名称:Food grade sodium polyacrylate

First.The nature of the product

This product is a water-soluble polymer, have extremely strong thickening and water retentionfunction, the purity of product is high, the performance is extremely stable, odorless and tasteless,persistent not corruption, and can be widely used in pasta, processed food and frozen food. This product is America FDA, the Japanese Ministry of health, the Ministry of Health approved the use of food additives Chinese, harmless to the human body, easy preservation and storage.




White powder or particles

Solid Conent


Molecular Weight

>3000 Million

Residual Monomers




Loss on Drying


Lgnition Residue


Heavy Metal(Pb




Low Polymer



Second.The scope of application

(one) the food manufacturing industry

Surface: dry noodles, fried dough, improve the taste, making it more effort. Reduce the instant noodles as frying oil in food processing rate, oil saving.

Flour products (bread, cakes, dumplings, Glutinous Rice Balls etc.): strengthen adhesion protein materials in wheat flour, the dough extensibility better, improve the moisture, reduce crack, improve the taste.

Vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli: sweet potato, corn, oats in potato as raw material, such as fans,vermicelli, vermicelli, can improve product strength, increase the boiling resistance.

Rice-meat dumplings, fish, ham sausage: in the production of fish convenience products, adding, can make the product better flavor, taste more tenacious.

Minced fish products, canned food, meat products, aquatic products: minced products can be used as a surface jelly, strengthen the organization, to maintain the fresh taste taste, enhance the taste.

Artificial meat: for making artificial meat, can improve the visco elastic protein fiber and elongation.

Refrigeration industry: as mixing emulsifier and stabilizer were divided, can partially replace the guar gum, CMC, to enhance the effect, the effect of reducing the cost.

Sauce, jam, butter: in sauce, tomato sauce, jam, butter as a thickening agent and stabilizer, which can improve the sense of taste and mouthfeel, increase its viscosity and keep its shape long time.

"Ice" preservative: sodium polyacrylate solution has excellent adhesion to metal ions, blockade,before freezing processing can form no air "ice", storage period prolonged, shrimp, fish meat, frozen food, fresh keeping effect.

(two) cosmetics manufacturing polypropylene acid sodium from thickening, suspension, dispersion,stability and other effects in cosmetics. Play it in favor of cosmetics thickening, foaming,emulsification, dispersion, stability, adhesion, film forming and water holding properties.

(three) toothpaste manufacturing toothpaste add sodium polyacrylate can play to teach obviousadhesion, shape function, because of polyacrylic acid sodium substituted uniformity is good, so thesqueeze out toothpaste is bright, delicate, with thermal insulation, solid perfume, washing resistanceand temperature resistance effect.

(four) the tobacco manufacturing industry sodium polyacrylate can up to the cohesive action makingtobacco sheet, have certain effect to reduce the cost of tobacco. In addition, the binder can also be used as a cigarette paper.

(five) base agent pharmaceutical manufacturing sodium polyacrylate as slurry thickener, stabilizer,and water and cream class of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.


Third.The use of methods

1, the rapid mixing of water, slowly and uniformly adding polyacrylic acid sodium powder (not a large number of add, should be slowly spread into powder weighing good water, also do not pour water into the powder, otherwise easy to form micelles, difficult to dissolve), stirring for 10 minutes, until theparticle swelling and suspension, stationary for 2 hours dissolved. This product because themolecular weight is great, the dissolved concentration less than 2 .

2, different water (soft water, hard water) sodium polyacrylate with a specification of the water solubility, viscosity difference. Suggestions for suitable water dissolved.

Effect of salt concentration: 3, polyacrylic acid sodium viscosity decreases with the increase of saltconcentration.


Four.Product packaging

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