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产品名称:Anionic PAM

First. Product overview

Anionic PAM,copolymerized by acrylamide and acrylate monomer,is a ultrahigh super high molecular weight polymer,that is 30 million minimum.It ha great adsorption-bridge effect.Different model can be uesd according to the different application and the require of clients for te products performance.It is mainly used:

1.Industrial wastewater treatment

2.Drinkin water treatment

3.Starch ethanol plants and the loss of plant starch lees recovery

4.Oil displacement agent for the tertiary oil recovery

5.Water Shutoff Agent

6.Auxiliary of papermakin industry



Solid Content

Molecular Weight(Million)

Degree of lon(%)

Dissolving Time

White Powder



  low medium high

≤60 min

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