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产品名称:Nonionic PAM

First.Product overview

Nonionic polyacrylamide homopolymer formed by polyacrylamide, high purity, good solubility, high molecular weight. The series of products are linear polymers with high molecular weight and low ionic degree. Because of its special groups, and endow it with flocculation, dispersion, thickening, adhesion,film, gel, stable colloidal role.

Sewage agents: when sewage acid suspension as flocculant is most appropriate, especially with theuse of water and inorganic flocculants, the best treatment effect.

Textile industry: add some other chemicals can be formulated into chemical pulp, for textile sizing.

Sand control and sand-fixation: a cross-linking agent is added in a certain concentration, spray in the desert, curing film can besand, sand. In arid area, can be used as a soil moisture agent, can also be used in the construction industry, building glue, inner wall coating etc..



Solid Content(%)
Molecular Weight(Million)
Degree of lon(%)
Dissolving Time(min)
White Powder

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