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产品名称:Settling flocculant for the red mud of alumina

First.Product overview

Red mud settling separation is a very complex physical and chemical process. The Bayer red mudslurry suspension is formed with the sodium aluminate solution, due to the complicated physical and chemical actions between the red mud and red mud particles between particle and the solutionprecipitation, surface morphology of the red mud phase composition, particle size distribution, particleof red mud and red mud slurry solid content, liquid phase composition, the red mud slurrytemperature on the separation process of red mud slurry had remarkable influence.

If the appropriate selection of flocculant, flocculant technology can make the solid-liquid separationspeed is improved greatly, and can reduce the size of the separation equipment. The mechanism ofpolymeric flocculant is by adsorption, surface adsorption charge neutralization effect leads toeffective agglutination with between the particles, forming "particle", make the settlement speed.Dissolving pulp is different, the settling performance of different, must through the experimental study on selection of polymeric flocculant suitable, so as to realize the efficient separation of red mud.


Second.Product effect

 Flocculation ability, fast, stable flocculation process

 The floc formed small and strong, resistant to shear

 Effectively reduce the content of aluminum in acidic solution of zooplankton, increasing the production of settling tank

 The clarification, the overflow quality improvement

 The underflow ratio of liquid to solid low

 Prevent mud expansion

 Affected by temperature, pH value effect



 powder alumina red mud settlement washing flocculant

Appearance: white particles

Solid content(%): 88%

The dissolution time(min): ≤ 60min

Flash point(℃): > 100 

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