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产品名称:PDA Dry Powder Type of Paper Retention Agent

First.Product introduction

PDA Dry Powder Type of Paper Retention is a new type of highly efficient papermaking dedicated additives together with retention and filtration aid,and belong to amphiprotic organic polymer compound.

It can significantly improve the retention of short fiber and filler,saving materials and reducing costs,improving cleanliness of the drainage water and reducing environmetal pollution.At the same time,it can reduce the beating degree of the ppulp,improving the ration.Moreover,it can improve the drainability of machine screen cloth,reducing the moisture of dryer section and improving the speed,and reduce steam consumption,increasing the production and savings the cost.This product is of low dosage,significant effect and so on.


Solid Content(%)
Molecular Weight(Million)
Dissolving Time(min)
PH Value
White powder

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