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产品名称:Dispersing Agent For Papermaking


Dispersing agent for making is a king of composite high molecular weight polymer,which appearance is white fine granule.It is water soluble and the solution has high viscosity.It will help the dispersing of the fiber and the form of the paper with low additive amount.

Our products can help improve the balance of the paper pulp.And the tenacity of the fiber is highly improved.In the coating process of paper making,it has high efficiency for dispersing.The viscosity of the painting is steady.Less foam,non-toxic,no corrosion is the characters of our products.The flow ability and scrub resistance is very good.So the paper could keep the gloss and hard to mildew.And our products could improve the speed of the paper machine durin the process od papermaking.

Second.Product effect

◆Improve machine speed,and icrease the yield,well papermaking uniform.

◆Non-stick cylinder,do not stick wool fiber,no need to add stripping agent,save cost.

◆Enhance paper strenght;improve the utilization rate of small fiber.

◆Exquisite hand feel,improve paper qualty grade.



Molecular weight

Solid content

PH Value

Dissolving time

White powder





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